Tailored Voice Solutions to Suit Your Business…

We can support you in getting a great value, feature rich, phone system that’s right for your business, taking into account all your current and future requirements.

The go-to solution for most businesses these days is a cloud based phone system. This removes all upfront hardware costs as well as annual maintenance requirements of a phone system away from your business premises – allowing companies to focus on their core activity and have a phone system that just works.

Our cloud based telephony solutions are highly flexible with inclusive calls and a huge range of features and functions to fit in with the way you do business. Regardless of size, whether your company has 5 employees with flexible remote working OR you have an enterprise requirement with 100’s of users working across multiple sites. Our engineers will complete a comprehensive assessment with you to ensure we create a system that works the way you want it to.

Some of the features our customers love are below, to give you an understanding of what is possible on new phone systems:

  • Simultaneous Ring – You can enable your users to have an automatic ‘find me follow me’ on their desk phones directly to their mobile phone and still see the number displayed of the original call to their desk phone. This means that employees don’t have to be in the office and can still know who is calling them while they are out and about, enabling them to efficiently handle calls as necessary.
  • Smartphone App – Users can download an app to their mobile phone. Not only does this make for a quick and convenient way to make and receive calls whilst out of the office, they can also make outbound calls through the app, making it appear as though it is a normal call from their desk phone. Users can continue the look of working from their offices when they are out and about to ensure your customers are getting consistent communication.
  • Calls Centre Wall Boarding – Keeping up to date in real-time, you can manage your sales teams stats by complimenting your phone system with the Wall boarding Feature. This allows you to have a constant view of incoming and outgoing calls, available and idol agents with call times to name but a few features and perfect for the call centre or sales team environment.
  • Plug & Play – Our phone system works over your leased line internet connection and not a fixed telephone line or hardware system. This means you have the ability to literally unplug your phone from your desk, and plug it back in anywhere with an internet connection. The ultimate in phone system flexibility.
  • Receptionist Consoles – You can choose an option that enables you to have a full switchboard facility. By having a Busy Lamp Fields, your receptionist will be able to see the status of all of your users to enable swift call handling. Using this licence feature in tool bar form through your browser, you switchboard handler will also have the ability to route all calls through their PC keeping their hands free.
  • Scalability – Unlike a standard hardware phone system, with IC’s cloud based options, your system requirements don’t dictate how many users you can have. So, without having to upgrade an expensive box of twinkling lights sat in a server room, you are able to scale your system from a 3 user office all the way to growing to an Enterprise business by adding the amount of licences you need, but only when you need them.

For a State-of-the-art Phone System, it Costs Less Than You Might Think.

A basic 25 user phone system, with no upfront hardware costs, can cost as little as £315 per month. Alternatively we could also provide an upfront purchase model for our business – the systems we design are around your business, for you.

IC-talk3 truly is a modular scalable system that is tailored around your requirements, just for you, with built in flexibility for the future.