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Weldfast MWA Ltd

Turnover: £16m

Employees: 50+

Solutions provided:

Weldfast MWA are a market leading UK wholesaler and manufacturer of top-quality welding equipment. They deliver an extensive range of products, consumables and equipment in a highly competitive environment.

Additionally, they have a specialist team who provide training programmes in the highly technical world of commercial welding.

Through their previous provider, Weldfast suffered frequent outages of up to a day per time and this would bring the whole business to a standstill. They were reliant upon their internet connection to communicate with their internal teams.

Support from their existing provider would generally mean waiting over an hour on the phone to talk to someone to diagnose their issues, only for them to say it wasn’t the fault of their provider.

These outages and issues continued intermittently for several years before Prompt PC, (a local IT support company), introduced Weldfast to Internet Central.

We had numerous outages on our old broadband which would take our phone system down. Sometimes for whole days at a time. Without our phones working, we were dead in the water. Since having our solution with Internet Central, our internet and phones just do what they say they will. We can forget they are there and get on with our day jobs

Steve Nixon

Weldfast, through partner Prompt PC, approached Internet Central and explained the issues faced by the business and expressed their need for a reliable internet connection that they could have installed.

They needed to install the service and then be able to forget about it, a solution that would just work quietly in the background, faultlessly.

Weldfast and Prompt PC researched internet connectivity available to them, and with the help of Internet Central, were advised that a

leased line was the absolute best option they could choose. This was due to its 5 hour fix times, super reliability with an uptime of 99.99%, and a team of technical specialists directly at the end of the phone, always ready to help.

Weldfast had leased line internet connection installed, and as a result of the reliability, they were also able to install a cloud Telephony system, which would enable their home workers to have an ‘in office presence’ wherever they were to be working from. The leased line and telephony have “worked consistently ever since”, smoothly delivering exactly the service and expertise Weldfast required.

Everything that Internet Central said that they would do, they did. And on top of that, everything they supplied works perfectly.

Steve Nixon