Up to 10 Gbps


Hyper Connectivity

99.99% uptime

What is

Gigaconnect+ is 10,000Mb/s dedicated fibre optic connection to your premises.

Totally unlimited data with 10,000Mb/s Upload Speed and 10,000Mb/s Download speed.

Utterly uncontended; you get 10,000Mb/s connectivity 24/7 unlike superfast broadband connections where speed decreases dependent on how busy the exchange processing the data is.

Boringly reliable and resilient – you are more likely to win the lottery (twice) than have no internet.


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Why do I need it?

Internet connectivity plays an ever increasing role in business. From the World Wide Web’s invention in 1983, it has gone from obscurity to necessity that quite simply most businesses could not function without today, even for short periods of time.

Gigaconnect+ is the best value, most reliable service available today, delivering constant speed, all the time to support your business. As a business solution, unlike other broadband type connections, in the extremely improbable event that there is ever an issue, there is a 5 hour fault resolution time (24/7) to get you back online again.

For emergencies Internet Central can also provide a mobile based auto failover solution, and whilst you will not need this due to the boring reliability of Gigaconnect+ – if Bob ‘the builder’ was doing roadworks outside your premises and accidentally damaged the fibre supplying you – this automatic, instantaneous failover is available for businesses supported by Internet Central that require absolute peace of mind.

Why is it fast?

Gigaconnect+ is a fibre optic cable served into your premises. We take a fibre directly from our local data centre / exchange, and deliver it into the room you choose within your business.

Being a business product, the way we route your fibre connection to the internet through our exchanges and data centres, ensures that there are no bandwidth restrictions. All the while, we continuously upgrade our infrastructure capacity behind the scenes to make sure that as we continue to expand, under no circumstances will you ever have constraints on the service we deliver to you.

Fibre technology doesn’t compare with any traditional broadband technology. This means that Gigaconnect+ reaches you, quite literally, at the speed of light. After which it is encoded/decoded at each end of the fibre optic cable using extremely reliable, solid state, hardware. Whereas broadband connections (possibly with the exception of low density populated areas such as the Outer Hebrides) over sell their bandwidth capacity to the internet so that when there is a more demand, your connection speed slows right down.

Why is it more reliable?

Utilising state of the art hardware in our exchanges and data centres, we look to deliver an unsurpassed service to you, supporting your business.

Delivered by our technical team we have automatic failover of all our hardware in our exchanges and data centres – meaning that if a component were to fail, within a few milliseconds (less than 0.03 seconds), normal service would automatically resume. You would never know.

Furthermore our network infrastructure backbone is comparable to the circular M25 motorway going round London, with a spider web of links in-between. From our circular backbone infrastructure we have multiple external connections into the internet at up to Terrabit speed. This means that if there was ever a major outage with a subsea cable linking our London node to the internet, our network would stay live as it is connected to the internet via multiple different channels.

Similarly by the backbone of our network forming a circular geographical loop, if there was ever major damage to any infrastructure causing a break in the circuit; unlike many providers our network would stay live as data can flow around our circular route to its destination. By our technical experts conducting full FMEA (failure mode effect analysis) of our infrastructure – we’ve already covered ‘what if’ eventualities so that you don’t need to think about them.

Independent audits of our systems and procedures are regularly conducted by independent organisations with us being accredited to BSI ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, thus externally verifying we do what we say. Giving our customers peace of mind, regardless of them being a multinational corporation, a small business or anything in-between, our mission is to serve ultra-reliable business connectivity to you.