ic case study | MANUFACTURING

Don-Bur Ltd

Turnover: £50m

Employees: 500+

Solutions provided:

Don-Bur provides a complete integrated service offering, from manufacturing to MOTs; all under one, convenient and accountable umbrella. Don-Bur’s main plant covers 18 acres and employs some 500 employees.

The group has 6 vertically-integrated divisions. Their rate of development is testimony to the firm’s ongoing commitment to developing innovative bespoke solutions.

Running on ‘traditional’ copper broadband products at each site, Don-Bur’s internal systems were laboured. Accessing emails from other offices to nightly server backups for disaster recovery was slow and tedious.

Their lack of internet reliability also meant that they were forced to use older, more expensive phone system technology. What Don-Bur lacked the most was a proactive relationship with their provider along with reliable connectivity to support their continuing growth.

Don-Bur needed a single supplier to join together their dated connectivity, security and telephony. After the initial discovery on Don-Bur’s network utilisation and phone system usage, the importance to make their 3 sites look like one central network was identified. Don-Bur needed a solution that would give them flexibility for future growth by adopting new ways

of working, such as accessing email and shared drives located at head office remotely (from other Don Bur sites), and adopting cloud telephony to provide a cost saving.

Don-Bur has worked with Internet Central since
2014. Internet Central have planned, designed
and successfully delivered
many projects in that time, incorporating connectivity, security and telephony across all sites.

Internet Central helped us transform a problem into something that ‘just works’. We have an excellent working relationship with Internet Central and it is good to know that they have the skills and desire to help when I need them. I highly recommend Internet Central.

Phil Middleton

Don-Bur had dedicated leased line connectivity installed at each site (with backup connectivity for resilience) to ensure uninterrupted access to their

email servers, and also to provide seamless, uninterrupted nightly backups between sites. They also opted for a cloud based telephone system that would make three sites look like one, with the ability to plug and play all phones and use them where needed, when needed.

As a result of having reliable connectivity installed, Internet Central were able to integrate cloud telephony across all locations, which reduced costs by 25% on call charges and annual maintenance for Don-Bur.

In addition, utilising Fortigate Unified Threat Protection Firewalls across all sites in tandem, further protected the safety and security of all of Don-Bur’s data crossing their network. Don-Bur have been a customer of Internet Central now for almost 10 years, and based on our commitment to them and their satisfaction, they have placed three of the most important elements of their business IT/comms under our stewardship.