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Magnum Private Hire Taxis

Micro Business

Employees: 12

Solutions provided:

Directing a small army of selected self-employed drivers, Magnum are the longest-serving private hire taxi firm in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. With their rapid-response times, Magnum have a growing loyal customer base.

With a 35 year reputation within the private hire industry, Magnum Private Hire wanted to create a web based booking system that would recognise their customer need for easy access to book their services quickly and simply. This would be a decision weighted greatly on having the right Internet Connectivity to guarantee their systems would be always on and always connected, which they couldn’t trust for their existing broadband connection.

Magnum Private Hire understood the ever evolving need to access everything from the touch of a button, and so had to ensure their business could protect their own brands super-fast response times, even through the means of a new booking system. Magnum needed to be sure that their Internet connectivity would be able to handle the traffic to their booking system, along with

This would ensure no member of the team would have to down tools during the day, due to poor internet speeds and capacity issues.

having a firm up-time guarantee and swift fix times. A company with years of experience in customer services within a 24/7 business, Magnum also needed the safeguard of support at the end of the phone, day or night, to assist them if the need should ever occur.

As a 24/7 business with 35 years behind us, we understand the importance of reliable service and support. With Internet Central we receive both.

Sue Riley

Magnum Private Hire were referred to Internet Central by a mutual third party who had already trusted IC’s service and support. Together, we put a plan in place to deliver a dedicated leased line service that would not only outshine the speeds of any traditional broadband service available in the area, but would give them a guarantee of 99.99% uptime and a 5 hour fix response for their piece of mind.

With the reliability of Internet Central’s dedicated leased line connection, Magnum Private Hire Taxis were able to deploy their online booking system which has been hugely popular and far more efficient for them to manage on a dedicated Internet connection.

As their leased line is fully Gigabit enabled, it means they now have the capacity to live track all of their vehicles, ensuring their swift response times are met. Also due to their increased bandwidth, they now have the possibility of doubling their fleet of cars.