ic case study | ENGINEERING


Turnover: SME Sized Branch Office

Employees: 10+

Solutions provided:

Technica Ltd, provide a range of engineering services including; front end design, detailed design, project management, construction, commissioning, and the supply of engineering support. Whilst their head office is located in Grimsby, they do however have multiple offices across the country.

One of Technica’s offices, based in Congleton, is home to five engineers working on site upgrades for gas equipment.

As such, they work on remote documents, images, plans, CAD files and other large documents. Technica also upload photographs and reports of installation work completed on a daily basis. Their internet connections would drop frequently requiring a restart due to the data load being consumed by such tasks and the limited bandwidth available to them. The engineers were also being asked to use Microsoft Teams.

Technica were using traditional copper broadband connections for their Congleton office which meant that a simple 10-minute task of submitting timesheets took 3 to 4 hours to complete. Microsoft applications were unusable and, if photographs had to be uploaded, the broadband was completely tied up for the whole day.

The only alternative was a 6-hour round trip to the head office in Grimsby.

All our work in the office depends on IT and when it does not work, we are dead in the water.

Greg Hough

Technica asked Internet Central what could be done to help ease the pain felt by their, staff as the lack of ability to use the current applications to complete daily admin tasks was having an increasing, detrimental impact upon the day jobs of the engineers. This was resulting in a loss of productivity and (in turn), revenue.

Internet Central explored all options available to Technica and the proposed solution to fix all of their usage issues was a dedicated leased line. This would give them the ability to run all of their internal applications, such as Microsoft Teams, on a symmetric service, meaning their upload speed was the same as their download, and both could be utilised at the same time.

Internet Central installed a dedicated leased line and immediately, the results proved astounding. 

This connection meant Technica engineers were able to download and upload large files and images simultaneously, giving them time to get on with other tasks.

The new connection was ready just before the first Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, and immediately meant all the engineers could use Teams, access large files – at the same time, without any bandwidth restraints.

The Leased Line is absolutely spot on. There is absolutely no difference between the Congleton office and the Main Office – there is no lag at all.

Greg Hough