ic case study | PROPERTY SERVICES

Broad Oak Properties

Turnover: £17m

Employees: 125+

Solutions provided:

As a group of companies, Broad Oak Properties offer a wide range of property related services. From building materials, heating and renewable energy for building projects, to sales and letting management services, Broad Oak support customers across the property and construction industry.

Broad Oak were reliant on a traditional, low speed residential connection due to the lack of infrastructure for business internet connectivity in their area.

“For months we were unable to accept card payments meaning we had a dent in our revenue.”

They required a more stable connection due to the continued success and growth of the business. There was a business need for an immediate upgrade in their connectivity as well as a dedicated, uncontended service to future proof the business against its growth plans.

“Internet Central’s Super reliable and cost effective dedicated leased line options meant we could really promote our services again and boost our revenues”

Through consultation, Internet Central identified the best options to allow the business to scale effectively while being the most cost-efficient offering with a fall-back service. One of the most important things to Broad Oak was to ensure they could take frequent card payments as that was their main payment method, and their current internet connection wasn’t reliable enough to use their payment terminal, which was not only a drain on resources to arrange alternative payment methods, but suffered loss in revenue as a result.

Internet Central installed a dedicated leased line to the offices of Broad Oak to ensure they always had fully reliable, scalable, rapid, and dedicated internet connectivity. We backed this up with another internet technology to ensure that they would always be up and connected.

Andy Gill

Due to the business location, a wireless option was deployed with an immediate increase in their speeds from a 1Mbps line to 30Mbps.

With growth and infrastructure improvements in the area, a dedicated leased line was also laid alongside, to secure a reliable and uncontended
connection, with the wireless service becoming the disaster recovery solution.

A plan for the route from the exchange to the site was created and the dedicated leased line provided 100Mbps

Prior to this, the business was struggling to take card payments and run systems online. The new connection enabled Broad Oak Properties to deploy a 50 user VOIP phone system, making signiFicant savings over their previous ISDN service and start to promote the business in the way they had intended.