ic case study | WAREHOUSING

Hexstone Limited

Turnover: £150m

Employees: 250+

Solutions provided:

Based in Staffordshire, Hexstone Limited are the UK and Ireland’s largest distributor of industrial fastenings.

Operating from a 130,000 sq. ft purpose-built warehouse in Stone, Hexstone boast a comprehensive, 30,000 product stock range with depth, volume and continuity of supply, as well as a stock buying power that is unique to the market.

Given how critical internet connectivity was to their day-to-day running, the main issue Hexstone faced, was the lack of resilience of their pre-existing leased line from another provider.

To support the move to Cloud and remote working, Hexstone needed an additional internet connection to provide failover and disaster recovery, and to ensure delivery of the ever-increasing demands on their bandwidth usage. This included telephony and cloud services for office based staff and staff working from home, where they would be utilising email and other systems based at their head office.

We needed an additional connection to support increasing connectivity reliance, and ensure full speed working in the event of a failure.

Mark Dimelow

Hexstone needed to find a reliable service provider to install a highly resilient, secondary, dedicated leased line to cover any eventuality from disaster recovery to additional usage. They also needed to be able to allow for last minute failover from their existing connection to their new leased line. The provider they chose would need to have the ability to increase internet bandwidth at short notice, and at an affordable price.

Internet Central installed a brand new 1Gbs, dedicated leased line with (as standard) a 99.999% uptime. Internet Central worked with Hexstone to ensure that should Hexstone’s existing network fail, their new back-up connection would work seamlessly.

Hexstone’s new 1Gbs connection was brought into commission with no negative impact to their existing network and without disruption to the staff while it was being installed.

With the help of Internet Central’s failover internet connection solution, Hexstone now benefit from a very reliable network of internet connectivity and additional bandwidth.

This has ensured that if they ever face a problem with failure of either of their dedicated leased lines, they have another waiting in the wings to pick up the network.

This solution has significantly increased overall bandwidth to the business, which in turn means they are able to utilise both connections as and when needed.

This gives Hexstone the ability to run more Cloud services to support the business, with the confidence that internet bandwidth won’t limit any part of their internal processes.