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Blink Creative

Micro Business

Employees: 8

Solutions provided:

Solving commercial and strategic challenges in order to bring products and brands to life, Blink Creative are a passionate group of content creators in the digital media sector.

Based in an area of Staffordshire that inherently struggles to deliver super-fast Internet connections, Blink Creative found, (what should be straight forward) day to day activities a challenge. Their broadband was unable to cope with the constant demands on its availability. As a business focused on digital media, Blink Creative had constant struggles hitting their internet’s bandwidth capacity which made tasks such as uploading media files including graphic content and video, extremely time consuming.

Blink Creative understood that one of the challenges in working with large media files, meant they very quickly ate up network capacity. They required a service that would allow for multiple employees to upload and download multi-media files at the same time.

This would ensure no member of the team would have to down tools during the day, due to poor internet speeds and capacity issues.

Prior to installing our gigabit leased line, we would literally have to wait around for colleague’s files to finish uploading before we could work on the next task. Now we are all able to upload and download media files at the same time, we estimate it to save us on average 5-8 hours per week allowing all staff to work productively and efficiently all the time

Nicola Tayler

Blink Creative and their Creative Director approached Internet Central to investigate how they could improve upon the connectivity services they had available at their location.  Internet Central studied their speed requirements and mutually decided that the best way for Blink Creative to achieve maximum productivity, would be to install a totally dedicated, 1Gb/s leased line to combat their challenges.

Internet Central worked with Blink Creative to meet their installation time-scale requirements to ensure they would never be without internet services, thus no further downtime to the business.

As a result of using dedicated Internet connectivity, Blink Creative have had the ability to maximise productivity by alleviating the pressure of idletime during the day. With a full 1000Mb/s of upload AND download speed available for them to utilise at the same time, their creative team can now work together on large media files without their network being overloaded, preventing efficient working, as well as improving their customer experience by allowing rapid downloads of their projects on demand.