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  What's happening? ISDN is becoming end of life BT will have retired all copper and ISDN services come 2025  From 2023, you will no longer be able to buy a copper or ISDN service    Why is BT switching off ISDN? Traditional PSTN and ISDN copper lines will not meet the heavy traffic of businesses communications going forward and more importantly, is not capable of ho ...

British Airways facing £183m fine for 2018 data breach under new GDPR legislation.

Since it was first announced the introduction of GDPR has had business leaders running to their 'IT guy'. Well it is all about data and that's a IT thing, isn't it? I have had so many conversations over the past 2 years about GDPR and business contacts asking me to make them GDPR compliant, my response, we can't solve your GDPR.  It's all about how your business stores, updat ...

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