Environmental Policy

The health and safety of all employees whilst at work is covered by the Company’s Health and Safety Policy, adherence to which forms part of the Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment.

The Company’s interest in their wellbeing extends beyond the workplace to their families and our customers and suppliers and it is therefore considered to be in the Company’s long term interest to value the effect its operations, products and people have on the external environment.

Concern for the environment has a high priority amongst the many issues facing Internet Central Ltd.

The Company’s policy is to request all its employees to think and give due consideration to the minimisation of all harmful effects to the outside environment and support management in assessing how best improvements can be made without damaging the wellbeing of the Company and its employees.

Special attention is given to:

Compliance with statutory requirements (e.g. WEEE Directive)
Assessment of new developments/equipment or products for unacceptable effects on the environment
Provision of instructions ensuring the correct usage, storage and disposal of the Company’s product
Conservation of scarce resources, which includes maximising the energy efficiency of processes and products and encouraging the recycling or recovery of waste material.
It is the company’s policy to plan and manage its activities so as to reduce any adverse impact on the environment in which activities are carried out as far as this is economically achievable.

The Managing Director will review with his Directors any changes, developments or new information in respect of the above headings and propose actions such that the Company may assess and progress its policy toward creating a better environment.

All employees are to liaise with their management to make recommendations and to carry out such activities as may be agreed in furtherance of this policy.

The Company will assess changes, developments and new information with regard to the above to progress its policies to protect the environment.