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Your domain name: Your Internet identity

It's important to secure your domain name as soon as possible, as domain names are used on emails, marketing materials and your website address. Once registered, you keep your domain name even if you change supplier, Internet service provider or location.

Why IC for my domain?
  • The human touch
    We are approachable to help and not just a portal, we may have automated and made everything online but we also offer the human touch and for those not sure we can do domain management for you. 
  • Full online registration and real time control panel access
    Update and maintain your domains live via the myIC portal with live syncing among the domain servers.
  • Highly resilient, high capacity network across multiple locations
    If your DNS servers go offline then no matter how good your connection is you will lose your web and email services (anything that uses your name) so it is imperative you have security of supply and availability.
  • Nominet Accredited Registrar
    IC are recognised and audited regularly by the UK registration authority to ensure quality and integrity for our customers.

If you'd like to register your domain name, you can check it's available using our domain name search tool below.

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To check and secure your domain name please go to myIC here... (this will open in a new window).

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