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The entry level, multi-purpose connection

Designed primarily for domestic use these are ideal for home workers or small offices / branch offices where you need a connection to the Internet more occasionally.

Not all Broadband is the same, the term is generic to represent a 'Broad Bandwidth' connection (faster) which is 'shared' - all users come through common infrastructure and share the large connections capacity. This enables good high speed connectivity for a vastly reduced price as it is designed for more intermittent use and non-critical applications.

Broadband classifications explained
Technologies capable of 300Mb/s or greater speeds

These are connection technologies designed to be capable of 300Mb/s or faster and provided over cable, FTTP or G.Fast technologies to your premises.

The best possible service delivery mechanism is Fibre-to-the-premises as this provides a direct Fibre optic connection to the network.

Current coverage is 3% and it is targeted to be 3 million premises by the end of 2018 and 10 - 15 million by 2025.

Technologies capable of 30Mb/s or greater speeds

These are connection technologies designed to be capable of 30Mb/s or faster and provided over cable, FTTC or G.Fast technologies to your premises.

With 95% UK coverage and expanding this is now the most popular new connection technology.

The first generation technologies generally less than 17Mb/s maximum

Often now listed as legacy, traditional, ADSL or ADSL2+ is the generic term for the first and second generation of services which had an absolute theoretical maximum speed of 24Mb/s for the 2+ variant.

This has the highest coverage but the slowest speeds, where alternative technologies are available it is recommended to upgrade from this for any form of business use. The good news is that the UK government are making it a universal service obligation to get a minimum of 10Mb/s as this is deemed to be the minimum required.

See what you can get in technology and speeds by using the 'I want Internet' checker on this page --->>>

The actual technologies and speeds you can get will depend entirely upon your local infrastructure, the providers available and for copper delivered solutions the distance and quality of the copper end circuits. We are not promoting 'up to' speeds and in order to price and provide accurate details we need you to enter your address information into our checker which will send you over to the myIC quoting and ordering system.

Build your own and tailor to suit

Rather than pre-scribed bundles and packages we provide you with all the options available to us and guide you through an interactive process, enabling you to get the connection that best suits your criteria. That way you get the service you want at the best price with none of the 'inclusive' items you do not need.

IMPORTANT NOTE - All change ahead

With the pending demise of the 'phone line' now official these services will be changing to reflect the new world of 'data first' which now means your voice services will be wholly reliant upon your data connection in order to work. Shortly the 'phone line' will be done away with and your connections will be inclusive of any physical connection medium (will now be called circuits). We highly recommend that you ensure that your current lines supporting your connections are also added into your account so that we can properly maintain them and also migrate you when appropriate.

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