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It's an Internet Connection - can I have one?

The easy answer is of course 'yes' and the normal question is 'how fast?'

The actual questions however should be different. If we were an Electricity supplier then every domestic dwelling is pretty much the same so have a standard supply size and you just pay for what you use. You have supplier choice but essentially the rest is the same.

If you are industrial or data company buying power, then you would need to consider;

  • how much power you need
  • do you need more than one source for resilience
  • what distribution and switch gear is needed to handle the load
  • work with your supplier to get the feed and any external transformers in place
  • how many backup generators do you need
  • finally do the generators automatically start and cut in. 

Your Internet connection is largely the same methodology in choice...

"It's about you..."

Internet is now just like other utilities and actually is now classed as one.

Not all connections and services are the same and the equipment used in them varies considerably depending upon your actual needs.

It pays to talk to us and tell us about you... that way we can, using our experience, guide you to the right choices and options making sure you don't underprovide or equally overprovide as both are bad for your business.

Please see some of our connection options below;

Ethernet & Multi-Office Networks

The only real business connection...

Often and previously referred to as 'Leased Lines' when it comes to connecting your office(s) to the Internet or each other Ethernet is the way to go.

These provide an always-on, dedicated connection with high service levels, guaranteed speeds and performance.

Microwave Internet

Internet in hard to reach places...

The IC-air network now provides coverage across large areas of Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire.

Used as a primary or often as a Backup to another wired service.


Basic entry level connectivity to the Internet.

Designed for fast, flexible access where intermittent use by a low number of people is required.

I want Internet...

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Quality Counts

IC are committed to quality and data security for all of our customers.

Let's Talk...

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