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Keele Racks (not a stock photo)

Based in Keele, our privately owned hosting facilities have:

  • 99.999% uptime target
  • 24x7 security and monitoring with card-based access for personnel and escort-only access for customers.
  • Temperature control is monitored and is maintained by N+1 air conditioning systems.
  • N+1 UPS and generator power systems online constantly.
  • Multiple substations from both 33KV and 11KV grids with automatic low voltage switching to provide highly resilient mains input to the facility.
  • 24x7 CCTV monitoring with constant recording.
  • Sophisticated alarm system for security with 24x7 on site security staff with scheduled overnight sweeps.
  • VESDA (fire and smoke detection)
  • STAT-X fire suppression  
  • High capacity resilient Internet access
  • Fully managed facilities
  • ISO 9001 and ISO27001 accredited.
  • Cost effective

Connected by MPLS to the rack, we have chosen quality over quantity in all aspects of the setup. Servers are connected to hundreds of peers and multiple Tier 1 transit providers with private peering arrangements to other Internet and content providers for a quick and direct feed into your customer base.

Co-located customers will be provided with an IP address and 99.999% target network performance. You can also take advantage of our Fortigate firewall technologies to protect your server and add intrusion protection, traffic shaping and load balancing.

At IC we do not believe in budget hosting with false promises of unlimited bandwidth and power as we all know this costs money to provide. With IC you get fast, reliable connectivity and realistic service levels to suit your business needs.


Talk to us about what you need.

Internet Central

Innovation Centre
Keele Science Park
Staffordshire ST5 5NB

Tel.    01782 667788
Sales 01782 667700

Quality Counts

IC are committed to quality and data security for all of our customers.


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