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Service Providers use IC delivered service components as the building blocks to deliver their branded services to customers.  IC offers a range of service provider options.

You should use IC...

if you want a provider who is flexible and responsive.  If you appreciate being able to call and speak directly to knowledgeable staff who have the power to resolve issues or provide help.

In addition to having real people available you should use IC because there is the portal where connections and services can be quoted, ordered and configured.  

Contact us on 01782 667788 and speak to sales in the first instance, or email


Our Core network is designed to exceed 99.999% uptime so that we don't break an SLA.  We have quality and security - 'built in'.

Service Provider Services

Take national circuits from IC and we will make them into whatever your customers need.  From point to point circuits to Private networks using a range of delivery technologies.
Ethernet Handover
Ethernet tail circuits for a service provider are aggregated on IC's network and passed to the service provider in bulk at one or more handover locations.
IP Transit & BGP

IC provides Internet connectivity to Providers with their own AS Number


L2TP Broadband

Broadband connections from all providers that IC has access to including: fixed wireless, 4G, FTTC, FTTP, LLU and a range of national providers.


IC has collocation space available in its data centres.  This can be linked to public cloud applications.

Cloud Hosting

IC has private links to Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web services. We can deliver these or securely link them into private networks as required.


Whilst not strictly a provider service, IC are happy to peer with service providers at any location where we currently directly peer.   Currently we are peering on LINX Juniper, LINX Extreme, M-LINX, Amsix and DE-CIX exchanges.