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IC is always looking to partner with businesses who share our values of customer care and excellence of service...

What makes a partner / what are we looking for?

  • Offers IT support and Installation services for their customers
  • Provides value added solutions and complimentary products
  • Knowledgeable and professional

If you do not provide the above then you could always look to the referral scheme.

Minimum requirements

  • You must operate a "Know your Customer" policy as IC do
    We check out everyone that we do business with, this is to reduce the possibility of fraud and to make sure that we don't inadvertently deal with individuals on any embargo lists.
  • Know what you are doing
    Organisations wishing to become a Partner will be supported and trained as part of the product specific on-boarding process.  You will be assigned a dedicated contact point within IC who will be able to help you more as they understand your business.
  • Be credible
    As wholesalers are taking the contract on themselves to re-sell or accredited partners are indirectly representing us, you must pass the know your customer and credit checks for the service that you intend to re-sell. These checks will include identity checks and cross verification with multiple credit rating agencies.
  • Be honest
    We believe in a 'no bull' policy and expect our partners to do the same. This is a two-way interaction and our reputation is on the line as well as yours, so we must first and foremost 'trust' our partners.

Partner levels and schemes available

  • Accredited Partner
    You manage the customer's account for them and provide support and ancillary services, IC handle the legal, legislative and commercial aspects including billing, collection and debt management. IC provide second line support to you and you get a commission payment monthly.
  • Wholesale Partner
    You buy the services directly and resell to your customers, you are responsible for all aspects of the arrangements and legal obligations. You are a registered operator and have full billing capability. IC provides a single bill and CDR files for services and usage each month.

Partner schemes in detail;

Accredited Partner

This is how most partners choose to operate. IC invoices the customer for the vanilla services and pays a commission to the partner.  The partner then invoices the customer for their own additional services and customer care.

It's still your customer

Despite IC doing the billing and commercials we recognise that you bought the account to us and your customer is ring fenced by our system to keep them locked to you. If they contact us directly and purchase more services then it is simply added to the account and counts towards you.

Partner Levels
  • Essentials
    Trained and capable of recommending and supporting the essentials for a business including the customers LAN, WLR phone lines, Broadband, Ethernet & Backup.
  • Talk
    Trained to supply, install and support our full voice portfolio including hosted telephony and SIP trunking services.
  • Security & WiFi
    Suitably qualified and trained to implement security and WiFi solutions including deployment / installation and survey.
  • Integration
    Deploying servers and software services and linking systems together.
Commission and levels

As the partner is performing first line customer support and ordering / deploying the solutions then IC shares the margin with the partner on the services provided. Each month the partner will receive a statement showing all spend, costs and profit for every customer, this is then divided based on spend levels with a split of up to 50% for the larger partners.

Deal registration is available to allow a partner to lock in a prospect in advance and gain price support to help bringing on board new customers.

Specific requirements

This scheme is available to those meeting the minimum criteria and there is no obligation or ties, the commission is tiered and self-managing. There is a minimum level of £300 monthly gross margin before payments occur but that is it...

Wholesale Partner

The wholesale partner buys at a discount and is responsible for the contract in a financial and legal way. The partner then re-sells the service directly to their end customer.

You are assumed to be knowledgeable and capable in providing support for your customers and our support team only interface with your technical team.

Specific requirements

This method of buying is far more complex and has considerable requirements. Under the regulations, data communications are now equivalently treated as voice providers and the same rules apply. Below are a few of the requirements from regulatory bodies and IC.  The list is only a short guide, you are ultimately responsible as an independent provider.

  • You must have a RID code (obtainable from Ofcom)
    In order to provide certain data and voice services this would be required but primarily this makes you known to Ofcom as a provider and thus you are acknowledging their rules and become directly liable to them for your supply.
  • You must abide by and adopt The General Conditions of Ofcom
    This is a mandatory item and non-negotiable it is the law.
  • You must have a telecoms capable billing engine
    IC will supply a single bill with associated report broken down by site plus CDR files for service charges and calls in CSV format.
  • You must comply with the advertising code of conduct
    There are now specific requirements for advertising and promotion or sales of specific services.
  • You should have an ADR scheme and clear complaints procedures published on your website
    It is a requirement to have an alternative dispute resolution scheme and clear instructions on its use displayed on your website and available for your customers.
  • You need to accept reverse VAT charging
    Under HMRC rules certain elements of billing have reverse charge VAT applied when being bought for resale.
  • Enhanced credit checking, insurance & bond
    IC will need to conduct additional checks to ensure stability for your customers and against fraud, accounts will be insured against default and if this is not available a bond / upfront deposit may be required.
  • Minimum spend
    Given the additional administration required and the discounts applied we have a minimum spend limit which is currently set at £2,500 per month - we do provide a ramp up grace period. This limit is purposely kept low, typically at the level an average medium business spends with us, and this is to ensure quality of partners and progressive partners giving you peace of mind.

The regulations are constantly changing and being added to so the above is only a pointer to ensure that the basic items are in place.

Products, Services and Pricing

A select number of products and services will be made available from the retail range in addition to wholesale only versions allowing you to pre-package your services more freely and appropriately to your customer base. The pricing received will reflect the stripped-down nature of the wholesale products and a tiered discount scheme is available based on overall spend or annual commit.

For more information please contact our team and come and see us...

We have been working with Internet Central for years and recommend them to our customers. We know that their range of services and products are first-class.

Andrew Eardley - PromptPC

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IC are committed to quality and data security for all of our customers.

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