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It's not managed, it's assisted...

You want control of your firewall, it is your firewall and business after all.

You are best placed to understand the complex security requirements within your organisation, but may not have the industry experience and specialist training / qualified engineers in-house to fully deploy and maintain more complex solutions.

Enterprises and Public Sector need a hybrid solution

In most instances you are either buy it and sort it yourself or, opt for a 'managed' solution which limits what you have and can do while increasing your time to react. Our solutions are a hybrid model where we 'hold your hand' and are there to fall back on when required.

What we can do and offer

In addition to the vendors support and warranty options IC can do;

  • Hardware & Licencing Supply
  • Initial default configuration prior to supply (plug and play)
  • Licence activations
  • 2nd line support for initial configurations
  • Provide an entry support package which includes
    • Connection to our central manager platform providing
      • offsite config backup
      • weekly reporting on bandwidth and threats
    • Telephone, email & online chat access to engineers
    • Guidance and help on firewall Policies, application control and web filtering
    • Remote system firmware updates / upgrades on request
    • Minor configuration changes
  • Consultancy services for more advanced functions including;
    • Data Leak Prevention
    • WiFi deployment and security
    • AD integration and policy enforcement
    • Multi-factor authentication and walled gardens
    • Policy based routing and failover
    • Web shield and protection
    • Desktop client security
    • Compliance control
  • Training for in-house staff for maintaining the solutions
  • Pre-packaged support time retainer bundles


IC is a Fortinet Gold Partner

Quality Counts

IC are committed to quality and data security for all of our customers.

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