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Technology & Media Sector Overview

Instant access to large amounts of data and media. Capable of fast response to changing technologies.

Knowledge transfer is a key element of our solutions for this sector with excellent second and third line support instantly on hand. Changing from day to day is a pre-requisite for companies in this industry, capable of responding to the 'next biggest thing' coming along. As technology and media channels grow and 'live' interaction is a must the solutions must be capable of reacting equally as fast.

Driving forces / major requirements

  • Boundary, Inter-site and Cross network security
  • Scalable and responsive networking
  • High bandwidth applications
  • Remote computing resources
  • Co-location facilities in highly available data centres
  • High security boundaries and data leak detection
  • Maximum uptime

Case Studies

Online Exams

Pastest Ltd

Who are Pastest

Helping students and junior doctors pass their exams since 1972.

Pastest is your personalised, intelligent medical revision resource. Giving you access to extensive materials and performance analysis, we help you to focus your revision effectively to achieve exam success.

Our powerful Qbanks are supported by up-to-date resources that enable you to progress towards your study goals with confidence. Our in-depth understanding is based on the feedback of recent exam takers and over 45 years' experience of providing medical revision materials.

What did they need

Pastest are an online company, they needed a stable and highly available place to house their systems and materials allowing their users from 190 countries worldwide to access their materials 24 x 7. Reliability and failover was key but the biggest driver was the environment and flexibility to respond to demand, together with specific SLA and flexible maintenance planning.

What did we do

Helped design, supply and deploy a complete virtual server architecture ready for them to load on the O/S and get running. We housed the solution in multiple locations and ensure connectivity is maintained across the infrastructure.

Technologies deployed
  • MPLS private network fabric
  • UTM including (Anti-virus, Malware Detection, Intrusion Protection, Web Filtering and site protection)
  • Fibre Ethernet Internet Access
  • Private site-site links
  • Total cross network security and scanning (protecting them both externally and internally)
  • Data Centre hosting
  • VMWare server licencing and support
  • Office 365 licencing, AD integration and support
Results and additional benefits

They have a secure and resilient service which is flexible and can grow as demand rises. We apply moratoriums in maintenance works for their infrastructure or immediately upstream of them to ensure during their peak periods the platform is always online accounting for global access requirements. We provide a constant technology refresh program for them keeping their hardware up to date, on high level vendor SLAs and always current. The result is they have the best power and performance while being the best for resource usage (eco friendly and green).

Other examples of customers using IC in this sector;

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