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Legal & Financial Sector Overview

Handling large amounts of sensitive paperwork and documents with a reliance on interaction by all forms of media.

IC provide infrastructure to allow information flow across the organisation and specialise in multi-office connectivity. Working with the on-site technical people to design and provide appropriate knowledge for day to day maintenance, allowing for fast internal response.

Driving forces / major requirements

  • Boundary, Inter-site and Cross network security
  • Ubiquitous network access WiFi with total coverage
  • Telephony capable networking and solutions
  • Mobile device integration
  • Multi-factor security for remote access
  • Maximum uptime

Case Studies

Legal Services

Knights 1759

Who are Knights 1759

The UK's fastest growing professional services business delivering outstanding results for clients. Knights 1759 has been named as 82 in the UK Top 100 by The Lawyer’s annual analysis of the UK legal sector, jumping 26 places since 2016. 

Our team of over 380 professionals across 6 regional locations enables us to provide consistently high quality professional services.

What did they need

They needed to clean up a series of legacy disparate systems and networks and provide a seamless high speed network for both data and voice. They needed traffic separation and quality of service to ensure time sensitive applications could run uninterrupted, while maintaining security and control. They were also acquiring new businesses so the design had to scale and be able to easily consolidate other networks in.

What did we do

Provided a national MPLS core network at layer 2 with UTM (Unified Threat Management) throughout and dynamic routing for a true any to any scaling solution. Incorporating a central system and controller with WiFi access point controllers, Internet connectivity, Active Directory control and full training for internal technical staff. Consultancy and on-going third line support and initial configuration / design during the build of the locations.

Technologies deployed
  • National MPLS core network with QoS
  • High capacity Fibre Ethernet connectivity to all sites
  • AD Integration with Multi-factor authentication (certificates, fobs etc...)
  • UTM including (Anti-virus, Malware Detection, Intrusion Protection, Web Filtering and site protection)
  • Endpoint security and control
  • Central Internet Access with content control
  • Inter-site connections across the MPLS core with dynamic routing and scaling
  • WiFi Access points and controllers
  • Voice enabled core
  • Pre-acquisition and new site infrastructure investigation and planning
Results and additional benefits

Once the initial core was deployed additional sites and services became easy to add and change quickly, allowing Knights to react fast as the business grew. The new site infrastructure investigation and planning helped to identify and narrow down new premises that could be well served by Fibre with minimal work and cost.

How do they feel

"IC are really accessible and responsive, we consider them as an extension of our IT team"

Other examples of customers using IC in this sector;

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