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Engineering & Manufacturing Sector Overview

Geographically larger sites, often multi-location with heavy plant and systems automation requirements. Keeping production running 24*7 and employees safe is key.

IC is part of an engineering and refractories group and understand this industry sector completely, often logistically challenging environments and locations but with a stringent requirement for quality and reliability. Protecting internal production systems and intellectual property while maintaining security and employee safety.

Driving forces / major requirements

  • Boundary, Inter-site and Cross network security
  • Ubiquitous network access WiFi with total coverage
  • Telephony across locations and mobile within sites
  • Data leak detection and external threat protection
  • Mobile device integration
  • Multi-factor security for remote access
  • Backup solutions and off site data protection
  • Resilient connectivity options for maximum uptime

Case Studies

Vehicle trailers & rigid bodywork

Don-Bur (Bodies & Trailers) Ltd.

Who are Don-Bur

Don-Bur offers a complete integrated service offering manufacture, curtains, graphics, cargo control, service inspections, refurbishment, repair and even MOTs; all under one, convenient and accountable umbrella.  Don-Bur's main manufacturing plant covers 18 acres and employs some 500 employees. The group has 6 vertically-integrated divisions.

Their rate of development is testimony to the firm's ongoing commitment to developing innovative bespoke solutions.  Don-Bur has strong ethics of quality and value.

What did they need

They needed a single supplier to join together the existing disparate connectivity, security & telephony for the business as they were frustrated with the existing arrangements.

They also needed better advice and better connectivity to support their continuing growth with competitive, appropriate products.

What did we do

Provided Ethernet connectivity at each site (with backup connectivity for resilience) to ensure uninterrupted access to their central systems.   Integrated telephony across all the sites.  Unified threat management at all sites. Consultancy and on-going third line support and initial configuration / design.

Technologies deployed
  • AD Integration with Multi-factor authentication (certificates, fobs etc...) and walled gardens
  • UTM including (Anti-virus, Malware Detection, Intrusion Protection, Web Filtering and site protection)
  • Central management and reporting engines.
  • Fibre Ethernet Internet Access (with backup connectivity for resilience)  and GEA Ethernet for smaller sites.
  • Full integrated cloud telephony solution across all sites.
Results and additional benefits

The initial requirements were 3 telephones; however we have come a long way from there based on trust and satisfaction Don-Bur placed their entire connectivity with IC. 

We achieved and surpassed all the initial requirements and the system has now grown over time into far much more. Although not within the original design and remit the UTM security layer we deployed and capabilities surpassed that of the incumbent Watchguard firewalls and solutions and as a result the project was expanded to do just that.

How do they feel?

"Don-Bur has worked with Internet Central since 2014,  they have planned, designed and successfully delivered  a handful of projects in that time, incorporating connectivity, Security and telephony across all sites.

IC helped us transform a problem into something that 'just works'.  We have an excellent working relationship with Internet Central and it is good to know that they have the skills and desire to help when I need them.  I recommend IC." - Phil Middleton (Group IT Manager)


Other examples of customers using IC in this sector;

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