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Catering & Hospitality Sector Overview

Providing equipped guest facilities and consumables for the hospitality industry. Guest connectivity at locations, multi-site interconnectivity and access to remote computing and payment facilities.

For ICs customers in this industry sector connectivity is key to them and their customers. Providing guest connectivity is now a requirement for hospitality locations together with payment facilities being online. For consumable suppliers with multiple locations connecting offices to production and distribution facilities is key.

Driving forces / major requirements

  • PCI compliant connectivity for payment systems
  • Internet access for guests
  • Multi-site interconnectivity
  • Secure boundaries and network separation
  • Remote computing resources

Case Studies

Catering Supply

Alliance Disposables Ltd

Who are Alliance

Alliance is the leading independent supplier of wholesale catering equipment to the UK's hospitality industry and public sector, with a nationwide network of branches in London, Crewe, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff, Leeds, Norwich, Caerphilly, Castle Donington, Dartford, Southampton, and Plymouth.

We supply the largest range of high-quality commercial catering equipment, catering disposables, and cleaning and hygiene equipment to the hospitality industry and public sector, including hotels and restaurants, pubs and bars, schools and academies, colleges and universities, health and leisure clubs, nursing and care homes, and much more.

Alliance has a dedicated fleet of vehicles, which deliver to over 2,000 businesses every day.

What did they need

They needed a fast private secure network at high speed with Internet access to each location.

What did we do

Working closely with Greystone, Alliance's IT partner, we provided advice and initial network design to provide a national network with security at every location. Hardware supply and initial configuration and connectivity to each site with private MPLS core.

Technologies deployed
  • MPLS private network fabric
  • UTM including (Anti-virus, Malware Detection, Intrusion Protection, Web Filtering and site protection)
  • Fibre Ethernet Internet Access
  • Private site-site links
  • Total cross network security and scanning (protecting them both externally and internally)
Results and additional benefits

They have a secure service which is flexible and can grow as demand rises. We selected the most appropriate last mile carrier and networks to get each location online with the best available technologies. Bringing the connections into our MPLS core to provide cross site integration.

How do they feel

"IC initially provided us with a single IC-Air microwave link for our HQ internet connection. That was 9 years ago. Since then they have worked with us while we have greatly expanded our Local and Wide Area Networks. We now have 12 sites across the UK, connected by a number of technologies and protected by managed UTM firewalls. IC’s pre and post-sales support is first-class and they are always happy to help and advise us where necessary.

Ben McDougall – IT Manager (Greystone)"

Retail Catering

Massarella Catering Group Ltd

Who are Massarella

Massarella Catering Group Ltd is a family owned company and market leader within UK retail catering, providing Cafés & Restaurants within shopping centres, garden centres, department and retail stores. The original family ice cream business was founded in 1864 when the family emigrated from Italy, the company now operates over 120 Cafés and Restaurants throughout the UK and employs almost 2,000 people.

What did they need

They needed a single point of contact and co-ordinator for all the connections to every site for Internet access and connectivity to run the POS equipment and card payment systems.

What did we do

IC manage their lines and Internet connections for every site, sized and with the required Service Levels. Each site has power failure protection to allow the business to keep trading and revenues flowing. Every site is different and the technologies and levels are adjusted to suit each requirement.

Technologies deployed
  • Internet Access
  • Broadband with enhanced SLAs
Results and additional benefits

We provide a dedicated account manager and technical lead to look after them and handle adds moves and changes to make their lives easier.

How do they feel

"Internet Central offers us a reliable, trustworthy, fast internet platform. Coupled with great customer service and quick resolutions, we highly recommend them"

Other examples of customers using IC in this sector;

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