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IT continues to change

Cost effectiveness, convenience and resilience continue to drive the current trends.

The current end game is "light IT" in the office offloading to the Data Centre or cloud centralised computing infrastructure but adding security and unified threat management not just on the perimeter of your network but integrated through your active directory and woven into your network. This allows you to take advantage of sites with highly resilient connectivity and power, whilst allowing you the ability to move branch locations.


My Cloud

A cloud is simply where you have multiple technologies, services, connections and applications distributed around locations but appearing as one.

Using IC's core network we can create a 'private' network over common infrastructure - securely separated, connecting your sites and applications together. You can build your own cloud with ease. This is the new buzz word in industry 'IaaS' Infrastructure as a Service but don't let the acronyms and jargon confuse you.

IC will simply ask what you want, need or would like and then work with your budgets and constraints to help deliver the best solution we can for your business.

Some components to add to your private cloud;
  • Inter-connect Sites
    We build mesh networks to link all sites together in a dynamic manner to allow easy growth and service addition.
  • Add servers
    You can add your servers onto the network and make them available across your network.
  • Add Data Centres
    If you don't want to build a location to house your servers then connect your mesh into a Data Centre where you house your servers including IC facilities or the majority of the major providers UK and abroad via interconnects.
  • Add Cloud Computing
    You can take private connections into our VM (VSphere) platform or the major players (Google, Amazon & Microsoft) bringing cloud computing power to your network in a private and secure manner.
  • Add Backup
    Add a remote offsite backup service to keep your data safe
  • Add Intranet
    Connect 3rd parties services into your network mesh making them available globally to all your sites (i.e. 3rd party suppliers ordering system)
  • Add Voice
    Bolt on a voice solution and get one large telecommunications system across all sites working as one
  • Security
    Weave security through the entire system keeping everything together but isolating trouble and keeping you safe
  • Add Internet
    Connect the mesh to the Internet through a common gateway with defined security controls

By having a flexible design and core you can keep extending your capabilities and respond faster to change and new challenges.

You most likely already have a very clear vision of what you want to achieve in which case tell us and we can discuss how we can support you with your IT strategy.  Alternatively, you may be feeling your way more tentatively, again discussion is the key,  we are delighted to share ideas about what we have done elsewhere and how it has worked for the customers.

Discuss your Strategy

We have unlimited hot water for drinks, white boards and time to work with you and understand what you need,  let's discuss your strategy as we have said before we are a 'no bull' company and will give you honest answers.

Or if you just want a comparative quote - that is fine too.

Quality Counts

IC are committed to quality and data security for all of our customers.

IC are really accessible and responsive, we consider them as an extension of our IT team

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