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Standing out from the crowd

IC are Business to Business only and part of an engineering group so we do things differently... and it shows...

We have a different ethos and driving forces to the majority of other providers and technology companies, so we built our network, business and models to suit.

We are long term focussed, stable and our key driver is reliability. Our network resources are committed to just business users, we do not filter or interfere with your traffic it is pure and as fast as we can deliver it.

The IC guarantee

  • Our links to the world will never be more than 80% loaded
    We monitor the network constantly and ensure we never overload our connections and always preserve sufficient capacity to allow for individual provider failures ensuring during issues you keep going as fast as possible.
  • Our core links will never exceed 50% loading
    We operate a fully diverse routed and where possible carrier diverse core network that even under failure can take the entire load with capacity to spare.
  • We will use best of breed and resilient architectures
    We will not compromise on our core and it is all dual or even quad protected in components to keep it running. We measure device uptime in years...

Services Available

  • Basic Internet Access
    You choose a connection type (i.e. National Ethernet, Microwave, Broadband, Data Centre, server etc...) and we provide from the nearest serving node on our network a pure Internet access and public IP address. To purchase this simply choose the connection type 'Internet'.
  • Diverse Internet
    On MPLS (Ethernet) delivered connections we can provide you with your Basic Internet Access from the nearest serving node but then provide a second access from an alternative node, geographically diverse either over the same connection type or an alternative for extra resilience.
  • BGP4 IP Transit
    If you operate your own network and have your own AS then we can provide a full BGP feed and announce your IP ranges.

Find out more

To find out more about getting Internet Access contact us or if you want this with a connection complete the 'I want Internet' box to see what options are available and order...

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We moved our connections to IC and they have never been faster - we changed from an 'equivalent service' and the difference is marked.

Patera Engineering Ltd

Quality Counts

IC are committed to quality and data security for all of our customers.