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Our Network

Juniper MX960
Juniper non-stop routing core powered by MX960 & MX480 routers

Keeping you running

With over 25 years of growth and investment in our network you can be sure that we have the experience and track record in running services for our customers. The network has grown over the years and now encompasses and covers 4+ Datacentres, 10+ POPs, 80+ exchanges, 7+ Peering Points and 8+ Carriers. Giving our customers the biggest network reach and choice, all bought together on our MPLS core to deliver a single unified network.

We designed our core network to exceed 99.999% uptime so that you don't have to worry

Jonathan Edge - Operations Director

Non Stop Design

Failures do happen but the core network has been designed to keep running in the event of a multitude of failure conditions and here are some of the elements we have built-in;

  • Power failures
    All core nodes are located in facilities with multiple battery backup and generators. 
  • PSU failures
    All core devices contain multiple power supplies (typically 4) and on failure of any they are taken offline and we are alerted for replacement with other supplies taking over instantly.
  • Routing Engine & Card Failures
    All core devices have multiple controller cards, routing engines and interface cards all in active/active with instant failover and hot swap capability.
  • Core link protection
    All core links are diverse and carrier independent, in the event of failures alternate paths are switched in within 50ms to ensure continuity with no customer impact.
  • Internet Diversity
    The core utilises non-stop routing and in the event of a carrier or peering exchange failure the network will keep routing to all other destinations while alternative paths are calculated to try and circumvent the failure points.

In combination with the above all network links are constantly monitored and capacity management employed to make sure that no links exceed 80% capacity for external access and 50% on the core so even in the event of failures you keep running at full speed.

Connecting to the Internet

Some of our locations and connections providing access to the outside world and other providers directly;

London Internet Exchange DE-CIX Germany AMSIX Amsterdam
Century Link - Formally Level3 IXReach

Service Providers

ICs carrier neutral network can seamlessly connect circuits and services from a great number of other service provider networks and bring them into our network to then overlay services like IP transit or link together sites and construct the networks you require. Our current portfolio includes;


ICs carrier neutral network design and MPLS core enables customers to have the widest choice of connectivity options available. Unlike many other carriers this approach enables customers to not only choose better services but also allows for carrier and path diversity on circuits for high resiliency services.

Multi-site WANs can be constructed and seamlessly interconnected at layer 2 or 3 to create secure enterprise private networks irrespective of tail circuit provider or delivery technology.

We had previously used BT but now would definitely recommend Internet Central. The Internet has never gone down. Now, if it did go down we would automatically failover to the wireless backup link in seconds.

Paul Brough - Boughey Distribution Ltd

Internet Central

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Quality Counts

IC are committed to quality and data security for all of our customers.

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