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We believe that not only are we one of the UK's first Internet Service Providers (ISPs), but one of the most proven and progressive ISPs in the UK. Our core expertise over the past 25+ years are designing and deploying internet & private connectivity for UK businesses.

We have our own national MPLS network, multiple POPs (points-of-presence), Local Loop Unbundling (equipment in Openreach exchanges), Radio/WiFi masts and datacentres. Connecting to almost all other operators we offer aggregation services and interconnections allowing us to deliver the best solutions and options for our customers.


To find the best most appropriate way or carrier to connect to a business premises for capacity and speed, service level and budget and overlay advanced services to provide interoffice and Internet connectivity. This is the foundation to everything we do and vital to get right but too often overlooked in our industry and we strive to educate and empower customers with the best knowledge to get it right.

Internet Central is a subsidiary company of Goodwin PLC, founded in 1883.  Goodwin PLC has grown substantially with one subsidiary receiving the Queen's Award for Enterprise in 2006 for over three years of outstanding achievement in international trade

A brief timeline;

1995 founded as an internet service provider
1997 pioneered the UK's first wireless ISP service under a T&D licence from Radio Authority (now Ofcom)
1997 became part of Goodwin Plc
1997 represent the ISP industry for 2.4GHz spectrum technology
1998 new radio delivery network build started with 3 main mast sites
1999 launched 2Mb/s radio delivery service from 7 masts
2001 issued a telecoms operator licence and granted electronic code powers
2001 Moved to Innovation Centre, Keele Science Park.
2003 launch the UK's first 2Mb domestic broadband service
2004 gained ISO9001 certification
2005 developed and launched the media manager on-premise VoIP PBX
2006 launch new masts in Keele and Woodhead and upgraded to 10Mb/s services
2007 launched the first solid state compact IP phone system MM16
2008 group celebrates 125 year anniversary and hosts charity ball
2009 connects to new BT 21CN network for ADSL2+ services
2010 took first 1Gb/s host link into BTs 21CN network for National Ethernet services
2010 new masts bought into service at Trentham, Meir & Hanley
2011 accredited as a Fortinet Silver partner
2011 gained ISO27001 certification for information security
2012 started core network transformation project to Juniper core
2012 new radio mast turned on at Ipstones for IC-air
2013 network re-build completes to unveil new non-stop routing core
2013 radio network upgraded to up to 40Mb/s per customer
2014 we build on Keele Science park a tier 3+ plus specification datacentre
2014 we launch our state of the art workplace recovery suite on Keele Science park
2015 started to unbundle the first seven BT exchanges around Staffordshire and Cheshire East
2015 first 10Gb/s customer connections provided
2016 first 7 exchanges opened for business
2017 full MPLS network core upgrade completed all POPs and sites
2017 more carriers taken on to provide more choice
2017 accredited as a Fortinet Gold partner
2017 SP services launched
2018 IC-talk hosted VoIP officially launched
2018 re-vamped myIC portal launched
2019 additional exchanges added to the network
2019 installed first GPON full fibre to the premises network in Stafford (fibre in the ground)
2020 MEF (Metro Ethernet) network rollout into all exchanges
2020 continued exchange expansion


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