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You may be all set in your remote working capabilities from your homes, or you may be screaming in to your scatter cushions trying to work out where to start!


You are not alone - We're in this together
Here are some challenges we have identified and dealt with to help you work out what you may need to function during this testing time. 


Challenge - 'I need more connectivity at the office to allow remote workers to access our data & servers'

It is all well and good having a good speed at your remote 'offices' however you need to ensure you have a good upload at the site where you are accessing your data from. Here's where we come in;

  1. Virtualise your Servers at Internet Central - We have loads of bandwidth and we are increasing our capacity to cope with the constant demand.  IC has even developed technology specifically to virtualise physical servers easily and quickly.
  2. Co-location/Physical servers at Internet Central - Again, we have lots of bandwidth available and still have some space for your co-location. Just pick up the servers and bring them to us - we can help.
  3. Increase your bandwidth -We can take the brakes off your speeds where available.  If not available, use option 1 or 2
Challenge - 'I am having trouble with telephone calls'

If your business uses traditional ISDN/phone lines, you will find diverting calls to multiple users difficult and if you have VOIP is your Internet connection good enough to give you a glitch-free call? Are your mobiles under strain from the impact on our UK networks? Here's what we can do to help;

  1. Use IC-talk3 cloud comms - You can use physical handsets like a normal desk phone, desk top dashboard, or a mobile client to communicate across this hosted platform
  2. Use IC's ISDN interceptor - in combination with IC-Talk3 this allows specific home workers to have a real phone remotely.


Challenge - 'I don't have reliable, secure remote access to my servers' 

Don't put your business and yourselves at risk when trying to access critical or sensitive data from your central file locations

Here's what we would suggest; 

  • Fortigate Firewalls - In combination with 2 Factor Authentication VPN connections, this would allow you access to all of your data, knowing you are safe and secure
  • Install these in your office/central location
  • Install these in your datacentre, protecting your hosted servers
  • Install these at your home, or wherever you are retrieving data from


Challenge - 'I am having trouble communicating with all my members of staff now we are remote'

Splitting up your sales or support teams can be challenging, and losing immediate communication can be a daunting prospect for any employer. It is critical that during unforeseen times such as these, we can keep in contact to boost moral as well as productivity. This is what IC would suggest;

  • Microsoft Teams, Zoom - Both of these applications enable you real-time IM and face to face conferencing facilities that is quick and reliable. You can create and build groups with hierarchy and multiple teams with user groups dedicated to specific areas of your business. This keeps you up to date, and in the know.


If your business is struggling with where to start when it comes to remote working, please give us a call on 01782 667700 or email us on and speak to one of our solutions team to help you work out your game plan

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