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Businesses realistically face a number of potential emergency situations that are out of their control such as floods, power outages and one that is affecting most if not all businesses at this time, pandemic illness.

Implementing a continuity plan is absolutely essential to ensuring the business is capable of maintaining operations in such times of adversity and in preparation for these sorts of unforeseen disasters.

One of the Key considerations for businesses approaching 'how to' when it come to their DR and continuity plan is understanding that they may not be capable of sustaining 'normal' operations as they would do onsite. So the ability to support employees in working remotely is paramount to ensure business continues to function, and securely. 

Fortigates are a Next Generation Firewall. They have built in support for VPN's (Virtual Private Networks) and this enables remote workers to connect securely to the company network. Tag-team this will Forticlient for end point protection, and 2FA Fortitokens, organisations can securely support remote working whilst maintaining business continuity


I want Telephones that work on broadband.

A 5 user system complete with Polycom handsets is available for £11 setup and £61 per month.   There are many different options but this will allow users to work remotely and can link into an existing system*

*Depending on the existing system and level of integration required an additional ISDN unit may be required.


I need a firewall with secure remote tokens

Next Generation Fortigate firewalls start from £650 with secure tokens at £255 for 5 and discounts for bulk.  IC will help manage the system for £59 monthly.


I need my server hosting

We can virtualise your server with our own technology and the hosting (depending on the RAM, Disk space and OS) from as little as £35 per month.   

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