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Smoke and Rye

Micro Business

Employees: 15

Solutions provided:

A trendy and popular hospitality venue in the heart of Staffordshire, Smoke and Rye has their customer’s requirements at the forefront of all they do, from their outstanding service, to the quality of the food and drink that they serve.


Reliant upon a traditional broadband service at their premises, Smoke and Rye were having issues in taking card transactions as their internet connectivity was consistently unreliable. This would cause huge issues when attempting card payments from customers and would usually result in staff having to wander around the building to ‘find’ a connection. Their poor connectivity also let down the customer experience when attempting to connect their devices to the internal Wifi.

Smoke and Rye decided that to improve customer experience all round, they needed to invest in a business grade internet connection, that would give them unlimited access to the speeds that they purchased and an option that would mean they weren’t sharing their connection with any other business or

residential property in the area. They needed to know that if they ever faced an issue, as internet connectivity is of major importance, that there would be someone immediately on hand to help if the worst were to happen.

Now that Internet Central have provided dedicated internet connectivity, our card machine payments are a breeze and, in a world full of technology, we can now give our customers the best experience possible when using their mobile devices in our venue.

Richard James

ACTION Smoke and Rye discussed their requirements with Internet Central, and decided that a dedicated, Gigabit Leased line would be the optimum choice for their business needs.

This allowed Smoke and Rye to have 1000Mb/s of internet dedicated for their business and customers. As well as super quick fix times with a direct number to our technical team, if they ever face an issue.

Smoke and Rye are now online using their dedicated leased line. Not only have they alleviated all the recurrent issues previously experienced using a standard broadband connection for taking customer payments, but transactions are now instantaneous with payment systems being always connected. Customers can now connect to an internet connection that ‘just works’ for their personal device use, improving the customer experience as Smoke and Rye continue on making their business thrive. 

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