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Openreach announces MBORC on connectivity installs - Does this affect you?

Connectivity orders suspended under MBORC declaration
Connectivity orders suspended under MBORC declaration

Critical update regarding the provision and repair of connectivity across the UK


IC are working as normal (whilst enacting our pandemic flu plans to ensure continuity of service), however due to the current restrictions on non-essential travel we are unfortunately in the position where physical works (including provision / repair activities) are now being limited to critical services only.

We are taking this unprecedented step as unfortunately Openreach (along with a number of other critical nationwide infrastructure providers) have given us notice that they are making changes to their provision of new services as well as suspending all service level agreements as they have declared MBORC (Matters beyond our reasonable control) nationwide because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Specifically, Openreach are closing with immediate effect all non-critical contact channels for the following types of product:

·        Phone lines (WLR)

·        Local Loop Unbundling (LLU)

·        Broadband (FTTC, FTTP, GFAST)

·        Customer ethernet circuits

·        Migration Services

·        Telephone number ports

These form a large part of the connectivity that we provide to our customers, and will have the following impact on our ability to deliver new services to customers:

Provisioning work will be limited to the following:

·        Activities where no Engineering visit to end-Customer premises is required (e.g., Self-Install, CP-to-CP migrations etc)

·        Service to vulnerable end customers (in-home and carried out safely, only where essential)

·        Those end customers who have no other form of broadband or telephony available - and they will look to deal with these via escalation channels jointly with the CP to find a solution that doesn’t require a home visit

·        On-premises work for critical national infrastructure customers (NHS, pharmacies, utilities, emergency services, retail and wholesale food distribution outlets, financial services businesses and other categories defined by the Government)


further to this:


·        Openreach appointment books for new appointed provision orders are being moved out to Monday 1st June 2020. However, this may be reviewed due to the current circumstances.

·        Openreach will attempt to complete appointed inflight orders outside of the premises.

·        Non appointed orders will continue to go ahead where no visit is required to go to the premises (transfers, upgrades to Fibre to the Cabinet).

·        Repair books will remain open at this time. However, Openreach are reviewing non-urgent repair processes.

·        Engineers will be asked NOT to enter the end customer premises and to enable/restore service where possible from outside of the premises.


With regards to repair of services:


Because of extensive Government restrictions across the UK, Openreach have announced that they will be declaring a MBORC (Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control) for provision, repair, missed appointments and the availability of appointments on a national basis.


To discuss any current orders with IC for more clarity, please call our account management team on 01782 667755 Or to help if you feel you have a critical business needing additional connectivity, drop us a line to find out if we can help you. 

This notice took effect as of 23:59 24 March 2020. 

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