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The greatest threat to your business is inside your walls.

You can design internal policies that support your team and strengthen your cyber security.
Over 90% of cyber security breaches are caused by human factors. Before you get suspicious of your team, it’s important to note that these factors are not usually malicious.

They are often caused by a combination of increased workload and the desire to please. People make mistakes under pressure. That’s why human factors training is an industry in itself, especially in the engineering world where injury and death are potential outcomes.

The most common mistake is sending information to the wrong person. Cyber criminals target individuals and manipulate the visual cues that show the recipient who they are and where the message came from. With time pressures mounting and employees managing multiple information sources, it is quite easy to miss the signs.

Remember, these criminals work hard to target our weaknesses and often research their victims to tailor their messages for maximum effect using their training in social engineering.

Fortunately, you can manage some of these issues by coordinating your policies for People, Process and Technology.


Engaging Training

Make it more engaging, no death by PowerPoint! Have you team design their own phishing emails, design data maps of what they can access and what can be done to better protect them.


Reward over blame

It is very unusual for staff to leak data on purpose. Your staff want to be successful and effective so reward those that quickly report suspicious activity or errors rather than punishing




Find ways to update and warn your team about new threats that will get their attention. Tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack are more accessible and have far higher engagement rates than email.


Co-create policies

Ownership is a significant factor in implementing effective processes. Policies and processes designed with users involved have greater adoption and are far more effective. 


Deploy Threat Protection

Having a secure email gateway and a firewall will protect you from a number of external threats, reducing your staff’s exposure to cyber criminals. You can also monitor and control data access.


Password manager

It’s unrealistic to expect staff to remember a 12-digit random character combination for each account they access. Using a password manager also allows you to control access should staff leave the business.



If you have any questions about your cyber security or would like us to recommend a partner who can help you assess and design your security policies, get in touch on 01782 667788 or email

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