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Telephony is dead, long live Telephony.

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What's happening?
  • ISDN is becoming end of life
  • BT will have retired all copper and ISDN services come 2025 
  • From 2023, you will no longer be able to buy a copper or ISDN service 


Why is BT switching off ISDN?

Traditional PSTN and ISDN copper lines will not meet the heavy traffic of businesses communications going forward and more importantly, is not capable of hosting the speeds in which business are progressing towards, and some have indeed met. 1gb/s etc. The network is old and maintaining it is costly compared to modern alternatives.

Imagine riding a penny farthing to work… its clunky, awkward and, on today’s chaotic roads… a little risky. As service providers invest in providing new and more advanced solutions for businesses, the legacy products are meant to fall into disuse. There is just better out there, and many businesses have already switched.


What is replacing traditional phone lines?

Conventional fixed network telephony is being replaced by VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP uses internet to route calls instead of being bound to landlines. VoIP is a feature rich cloud hosted unified communications platform that provides businesses with the flexibility to grow and adapt their system as required.


What are the main differences?



  • Must purchase physical lines
  • proprietary phones 
  • requires installation and maintenance 
  • permanent and tied to ongoing contracts
  • new hardware and lines are required to be installed at each location and for additional users
  • changes could take weeks due to how the physical system is managed


  • Simpler install is cost effective
  • no phone calling limitations
  • Line rental up to 50% cheaper, 25% cheaper phone calls
  • scaling up and altering the system can be done quickly
  • services are not tied to geographical locations
  • quickly add additional users without purchasing any new hardware or phone lines



Still have questions?

You can work through your requirements, with a solutions specialist and get a quote to show you what the cost of a new system would be, so you can understand if this is an option for your business.  

Get in touch to find out more on 01782 667788 or email



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