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IC Updates its website and Portal

New website for partners and corporate connectivity
Welcome to our new IC website.

It's here and this is it... Welcome...

After a long time of planning and a lot of hard work we are pleased to launch our new IC website and our new My IC portal.  It really was a lot of hard work, I am not sure about the blood and the sweat but there were plenty of tears for a few members of the team.

That said, why did we put ourselves through it?  Well there were a few different reasons but the two main reasons are security and you, our customers and partners.  The new MyIC has been designed in a way which makes security king, we would tell you how we have achieved this but then that would defeat the object.  We also wanted to be able to give you a lot more functionality and independence through the MyIC portal and wanted to give you a section of our website that was relevant to you.

You may notice that the different sections have different products and a different feel and that is because you are all different and want different services.  It wouldn't be IC if we didn't put a few unique touches of our own in and a little bit of our humor, you will know them when you see them.

We really hope you like the new site and the new My IC and we hope it gives you the functionality you have been asking for.  If you have any feedback for us we would like to hear it but we might not tell Pathini.

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