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GDPR. It's not an IT problem.

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Why GDPR is not an IT thing and why we have avoided talking about it.

Since it was first announced the introduction of GDPR has had business leaders running to their 'IT guy'.

Well it is all about data and that's a IT thing, isn't it?

I have had so many conversations over the past 2 years about GDPR and business contacts asking me to make them GDPR compliant, my response, we can't solve your GDPR.  It's all about how your business stores, updates and processes data. This could be a sticky note to a colleague with a customer or suppliers name and phone number, a visitor book on your reception desk or a simple notebook you take to meetings.

Yes IT plays a part in ensuring that you are effectively securing and storing your data. Use of technologies to encrypt your data storage and machines, firewalls and unified threat management devices to secure your network aid in data leak prevention and analytical devices to track your data.

The truth of it is its an Operations problem.

The biggest risk to most companies is not the faceless hacker, miles away trying to steal your data. It's your loyal and hardworking staff who accidentally sent that email to the wrong person or who emailed some files to their personal email address so they could do a little work over the weekend.

GDPR is all about aligning your companies data security policies and staff education with your IT data policies and ensuring that you have taken the appropriate steps to ensure that the information you hold is up to date and securely stored.

There are sure to be some stories coming out in the in the next weeks or months that will give us food for thought.

IC and our changes for GDPR and upcoming Data Protection Bill

As you would expect IC has updated its terms and conditions in advance of the changes to incorporate the necessary legal changes required. The changes were published and announced during the last invoice run.

IC is part of the Goodwin PLC group of companies and as such the group has also released a full privacy policy which we are also adopting. To review these please use the links below and these are also available on any page of the site in the footer under 'privacy & cookies'.

GDPR puts you back in control of your personal data and IC have always respected that. Along with our new website we have also completely re-designed the myIC portal for enhanced security and ease. We are pleased to announce that we have also included a communications preferences option where you can tailor how and what we send to you.

We welcome your comments and feedback on our changes as this helps us to improve our services for you.

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As an international business operating in a regulatory environment DTL relies on our electronic communications to transfer essential documentation to our clients. Since establishing DTL in 2007 IC have delivered fast and reliable connections providing DTL with confidence that each message and document are sent and received promptly.

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