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End of an ERA for Phone Lines

Analogue lines are set to come unplugged

Following years of discussions Openreach have now served notice on the phone network. This will affect every phone line and service including broadband...

This means that, from 2025, Openreach will no longer provide any voice service or line; this includes all Analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30, Payphones, SMPF, Alarm Lines etc.  This will have an impact on both residential and business users.  All analogue and ISDN phone lines will be removed from sale in September 2023, and the service will be fully decommissioned by December 2025. 

"Every service that uses a phone line will have, no line so will cease, unless the services have been changed, the impact cannot be ignored this is a major change..."

As it stands, there are over 16 million phone lines, meaning it will need 46,000 lines a week to be moved over the next 5 years; that is a huge logistical challenge and Openreach have warned the industry that you cannot leave it until last minute or there will not be enough resources to cope. This must be a phased transition.

The UK is moving from a voice first model to a data first model 

This is where the phone will be just another service that is over your data connection in an all IP world.  There will still be miles of copper lines crossing the country delivering broadband to businesses and homes however we will no longer be able to plug a phone into the socket and make a call. Businesses will still have plenty of choice available with on site, hosted and hybrid cloud systems and there will be lots of exciting developments over the coming months and years.  We have to remember the knock on effect of a data driven model, in a world where data is king businesses and consumers will have a right to reliable connectivity. 

Will I be impacted

The simple answer is yes. 

All UK business and residential analogue line and broadband customers will be impacted.  The way that broadband is delivered in the UK is changing and evolving, as an ISP we will review all current customers connections.  This move will help push forward new innovation and drive the progression of communications in the UK.  

There is likely to be a high impact on 
  • People who have only the landline phone as a means of emergency calling and raising an alarm
  • Companies that have these lines as ‘backups’ to the data systems
  • Alarm monitoring lines
  • Payment processing lines (credit card machines)
  • Fax Machines
  • Lift lines and infrastructure monitoring / environmental control systems
  • Or even just a single site where this is their means of communications
What should I do?

The quick answer is digest the information and be prepared for the changes by taking a good look at what you have that uses a phone line in any way, if you have any specialist equipment connected to the affected services please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What are the next steps

IC have been providing VoIP services for many years and we are one of the oldest and first 'data communications' companies so you can rest assured you are in very good hands. As Openreach start releasing the replacement services, which will start in September, IC will be working along side and coordinating our releases and revised services and products.

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We were very apprehensive of moving our phone system to a new one but IC provided a smooth transition and gave us the confidence in what they were doing. We have never looked back since taking out our leased line and cloud based phone system.

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