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Maintenance & Outage Detail

Service Cease Notification - Old Shared Server Hosting - Final replacement

PMO REF : PMO-10407Service Area(s) : Hosting
Start Date : Risk : N/A
End Date : Impact : N/A

Status : Normal Service

Overview - This is an important notice that will affect your shared web hosting and email services.
Action must be taken and you will be contacted to discuss further.

Many customers have already migrated their services but for those that remain the servers which you use are being retired.

IC will continue to supply this service, but in a better way, using new equipment that is supportable and will give a better level of service.

This service notice is for all shared web or email hosting customers. Shared hosting for both email and web relies on software which is out of date consequently the decision has been taken to decommission all servers currently running these services. We have been informing customers of this for some time, now we are now starting the process of removing this service and migrating people away from it. Unfortunately, we need to give you official and final notice that because your current hosting is no longer supportable it must be changed to, current, supportable technology. We will be staging this process on a server by server basis and therefore we will be contacting customers, individually, as appropriate.

Alternative, better, solutions are already in place and customers will be given options and advice to move to the most appropriate alternative. As customer requirements vary we have taken to decision to help customers migrate on a customer by customer basis to minimise disruption.

What do I need to do?

You do not need to do anything at the moment, we will be staging the retirement of the service on a server by server basis. You will receive an email notification before your server is due for removal and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the various alternative solutions available.

Will this affect my service?

Yes, this package and all associated services are being discontinued and new replacements will be available. We aim to contact every customer personally before their server is decommissioned and help them migrate them to an alternative replacement service.
Why are you doing this?

The current shared hosting solution is legacy and is no longer fit for modern hosting requirements. There have been many technological advances since this product was launched and we have taken the decision to finally let the old systems have a well earned rest Customers who have been upgraded so far are reporting a much better service.

* Risk and Impact attributes were introduced recently therefore for some planned maintenance and outages records may not contain values for risk or impact.

Internet Central regrets any inconvenience this essential maintenance may cause our customers. Should you wish to discuss this matter further, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Desk on 01782 667766, please ensure that you quote the above PMO ticket reference as this will enable us to more easily respond to your issue.

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