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Voice & Video - Business Telecoms

Business telecoms without boundaries...

Unify your communications systems and give your business freedom.

Your business operates in a world where physical boundaries no longer matter, unrestrained by location or travel distances, costs and time. To help you maximise this enormous opportunity, IC provides unified communications systems so you can contact clients, customers and suppliers when you want and how you want - helping to forge relationships and grow your business.

Advanced telecoms technology means you can communicate via your landline phone, mobile phone, video or broadband with VoIP and virtualisation services. And we can link your business telecoms system with your internal business systems so you have constant access to the information you need, from multiple platforms including email, voicemail, instant messaging and text messaging.

Benefits of our unified communications service include:

  • Remote workers can connect securely to the network
  • Single number so you can be contacted at your desk, on your mobile, or using VoIP
  • Reduced business telecoms costs
  • Easier access to information as all communications are in one place
  • Customised service to meet your business's telecoms needs

As a leading business Internet Services Provider, we have the technical knowledge and ability to help you find a communications system that meets the demands of your company. We tailor-make our services, so to discuss how your unified communications system may look, call us on 01782 667788

Unified communications systems enhance and enable your business