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Workplace Recovery

Workplace Recovery

Crises Are About Recoverers and Non-Recoverers

Businesses that recover from crises and emergencies are more rare than those that don't. There are many reasons for this. Some of the reasons are to do with traditional business continuity methodologies.

However, there are more subtle reasons for success. These include: the right CEO, communication in a crisis, managing reputation before during and after a crisis, managing the markets. Here the Internet can play a critical role.

Working with relevant leaders in their field Internet Central Limited plans a co-ordinated approach to recovery from crises and emergencies.

Workplace Recovery

IC offers complete business continuity assurance to companies in the event of a natural disaster or IT failure

IC has a fully-equipped Workplace Recovery Centre in Staffordshire, offering complete business continuity assurance to companies in the region in the event of a natural disaster or IT failure.

This 30-seat facility provides all the desk and meeting space, technology, communications support, and onsite staff and security, modern businesses need to enable a swift relocation and continued operations with minimal disruption. 

The IC Workplace Recovery Centre was established with the assistance of Keele Facilities Management Limited, offering complete peace of mind for local and regional businesses.

Regardless of flooding, fire, hardware failure or other unforeseen event, companies can carry on as normal thanks to our facility.

Comfortable and spacious, the centre has the latest PCs, supported by ample data storage, transfer and back-up resources. There are also meeting rooms, telephone lines and video conference equipment, high bandwidth Internet connections, as well as reception and support staff and various amenities onsite.

The new Workplace Recovery Centre is suitably located for all Midlands-based businesses, situated between Manchester and Birmingham at the Innovation Centre, Keele University - and within easy reach of the M6 and A50/500 as well as four major UK airports.

Created for business continuity convenience, the centre also benefits from all the onsite facilities which include post office, cash machine, supermarket, cafes and restaurants - and next year sees the completion of an onsite hotel, improving on the handiness of the major hotels located within 15 minutes of the centre currently.

Internet Central plans to expand the Workplace Recovery Centre to over 100-seats support in due course, enabling the company to assist even more local businesses.

IC is committed to meeting the business continuity needs of all companies.