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Security - Business Security

Internet security with proactive protection as standard

Total network security = total protection for your business

Your network is the gateway to some of your business' most valuable assets. That's why it's more important than ever to protect every aspect of it from hackers, spam and virus attack. With our 'total' approach to network security and our powerful suite of IC-Secure services, Internet Central can help you do just that.

By getting an objective overview of your company and identifying the areas where your business is vulnerable, Internet Central can create an intimate picture of your IT security systems to discover where your network and data could be compromised. This allows us to create a plan using the most appropriate solutions for your network.

After all, every business is different and it's only by looking at your business as a whole that we can implement a system that offers the best protection for you.

IC-Secure is our unique suite of security products and services designed to give you the best overall solution for your business:

  • Secure Consult - powerful risk assessment for your business
  • Physical Security - securing your physical assets
  • Business Continuity - create a disaster recovery plan 
  • Policy Management  - putting compliance policies into place
  • Perimeter Security - ultimate firewall and VPN security
  • Secure Wifi - take control of who and how your wifi is accessed
  • Endpoint Security  - controlling remote access for laptops and phones
  • Auditing and Compliance - system monitoring to improve security further
  • Content Filtering - putting your in control of data going in and out of your company
  • Data Protection - block unwanted data transactions
  • Identity and Access Management - controlled access to your systems and data
  • Training and Presentation - ensuring that everyone plays a role in protecting the integrity of your systems

We believe that there is no more secure way to protect your network, data and business than our suite of IC-Secure services. Find out how by calling 01782 667788 for your review.

Protecting your data, your systems and your network from every angle