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Multi-Site Ethernet Solutions

A single network solution for multiple business sites

Current Special Offers...

  • Free standard Installation: save up to £3,000*
  • £2,800 towards any ECCs
    The above two offers mean that now 95% of orders have totally free installation 
  • New Flat Rate pricing on GEA Ethernet with 20Mb/s connections for only £149 per month and SuperFlex up to 76Mb/s for £199 per month
  • SuperFlex Fibre 100Mb/s from £329 per month

If your business is growing and needs a network that is flexible, capable and scalable - you want Ethernet Connect

If you haven't already heard of it, Ethernet Connect is 'next generation' wide area networking made for businesses that are embracing the newest forms of communications, such as HD voice and video applications, as well as cloud computing.

That doesn't mean that you can't benefit from Ethernet Connect if you're a small company. Internet Central can offer Ethernet Connect packages ranging from just 1Mb/s. And, with over 3,500 UK exchanges already enabled, there's a good chance you can benefit from the advantages offered by the next generation network for business.

Connect to the future of business conenctivity with Ethernet Connect

*All offers and pricing quoted on standard services on a 3 year minimum term contract, subject to survey and ECCs (Excess Construction Charges - Where Fibre is not present in the building and additional works are required to bring Fibre into the premises). Free installation is for National Ethernet products and excludes SuperFlex.

Reasons to use Ethernet Connect

With numerous business benefits, these are just some of the reasons to choose Ethernet Connect for your company:

  • The most accessible UK high speed network available
  • MPLS Network Core
  • >99.97% uptime
  • High quality and secure connection
  • Connectivity options from 1Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Multiple sites configured quickly within a single network
  • Fast Internet access
  • NGN supports HD voice and video applications
  • Scalable and flexible - easy to add sites to the network
  • Better value than legacy leased lines

One connection - multiple services

A Next Generation Network (NGN), Ethernet supports connectivity from 1Mbps to 1Gbps and is the most powerful, reliable and cost-effective means to stay connected online. There are over 3,500 UK Ethernet exchanges available, letting you access the Internet conveniently and quickly over a secure and high quality network.

There are different ways to connect sites and gain commercial Internet access. Depending on the levels of bandwidth required by your business, NGNs can connect via copper, fibre and radio. Up to 400 sites can be configured in a single network for simplicity, control and streamlined communications - and you can add networks within 24 hours, adapting to your business needs as and when these change.

As the needs of your business grow, Ethernet Connect can be easily upgraded, making it the ideal business connection for companies with an eye on the future.

High speed Internet Access

Ultimate Flexibility

Simply choose the speed of Fibre connection you want to the premises and then the speed you want to the Internet from 1Mb/s to 1Gb/s. Buy only what you need now and as your demands grow simply increase the speed within as little as 30 minutes right up to the speed of the Fibre chosen.

Connectivity choices

  • GEA - Generic Ethernet Access up to 330Mb/s download and 30Mb/s Upload
    Delevered over FTTC or FTTP technology 
  • EFM - Ethernet in the First Mile up to 35Mb/s
    Provided over bonded copper pairs
  • Fibre Optic - Up to 10Gb/s
    A dedicated Fibre connection into your premises available in 100Mb/s, 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s 

IP transit is provided via the IC resilient ring network with multiple Tier 1 carriers for International IP transit. The carriers and networks have been specially selected to have sufficiently different networks and transmission structures so to avoid common points of failure.

Quality and SLA

IC directly connects within the UK to a long list of major carriers and other ISP's / Content providers (i.e. BBC, Sky, Microsoft, Janet etc...) via peering arrangements to ensure that UK data exchange is fast and with the least hops to keep latency at a minimum. All this infrastructure and diversity ensures that you get Intra UK Transit of;

  • Intra UK Transit <60ms
  • Intra Europe <80ms
  • Transatlantic (New York) <120ms
  • Packet Loss of <0.1%
  • Target repair times of 5hrs (Fibre) or 7hrs (copper)

All backed by our comprehensive SLA & Service Credits promise.

Point-to-Point, Hub & Spoke or Mesh Connectivity

Next generation Ethernet Connect is the ideal technology for companies working from different sites, as the service directly connects you to each of your sites without having to share bandwidth with outside users. It's like having a direct line to each of your remote sites, making Ethernet Connect one of the most effective way to keep your company network resources connected.

Additionally, Internet Central can offer real versatility when it comes to adapting Ethernet Connect for your business. Simply choose the bandwidth that most suits your needs, and if you need to upgrade later, you can - in as little as 30 minutes.

Connectivity choices

  • Scalable Bandwidth 1Mb/s - 10Gb/s
    Scale your data flows in as little as 30 minutes 
  • Choice of network design topologies;
    Point-to-Point & Any-to-Any
  • GEA - Generic Ethernet Access up to 330Mb/s download and 30Mb/s Upload
    Delevered over FTTC or FTTP technology 
  • EFM - Ethernet in the First Mile up to 35Mb/s
    Provided over bonded copper pairs
  • Fibre Optic - Up to 10Gb/s
    A dedicated Fibre connection into your premises available in 100Mb/s, 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s

Because you have a single connection to the network at local reach the costs are kept low for very high capacity, then you buy what you need in central network capacity to whichever sites you require and can scale this up quickly.

Example: You could have several sites connected together, sharing files and network resources. Your telephony could also be linked over all the sites (VoIP based telephony systems) and you could have a consolidated network infrastructure. Then you could add Internet Access to the network centrally for security / monitoring and to finish off perhaps a centralised 'virtual' server from a connected datacentre.

Get your people working together with Ethernet Connect.